Conductors & Orchestra

JumpinJazz Kids – A Swinging Jungle Tale,” is a new family concert that combines classic narrative storytelling with fun, pop-influenced jazz songs performed by a Jazz quintet and Symphony Orchestra.

Our target age listening group is 4-8 years olds and is a perfect fit for Young People’s and Family Concerts plus children’s early learning associations (Pre-K, grades K-3, Imagination Celebration, etc.)

JumpinJazz Kids” celebrates our concept “Imagination Is Me!” with the goal being to create a children’s music experience that requires the listener’s active use of their imagination and actual physical movement during the performance to become a “real” part of the show.

“This is an idea whose time has come. JumpinJazz Kids promises to become a significant part of the orchestral educational repertoire, both here and abroad.”
Conductor, Ron Foster 
 “At last, here is a vehicle that has the audience standing, singing and moving with the music spontaneously!  The premier of “A Swinging Jungle Tale”  was such an unqualified success.  I know that this can become a classic for children’s concerts everywhere.”
Vince LaGuardia
Conductor – Music Director
Arapahoe Philharmonic 
 JumpinJazz Kids is a great model for what needs to be presented to young people.  The age group that it targets is a great addition to music, and it’s wonderful for any organization or school. The manner in which it’s presented strikes a nerve – everyone should take a look at it and listen to it!”
Dr. Billy Taylor   
 “Steve Barta has created something quite special and very unique with JumpinJazz Kids for orchestras doing educational concerts. He is one of the finest musicians, instinctively and creatively, and I’m sure this project will be recognized and flourish!”
Jeff Biegel – Concert Pianist 

Quick Facts

• Ages 4-8.
• Format: Narrator, Jazz Quintet & Symphony Orchestra.
• Score: Scored for Chamber or Symphony Orchestra.
• Length: 40 minutes.

Only one rehearsal necessary

Pre and/or Post concert activities include:

Music Education – Children are introduced to the instruments of the Symphony and the Jazz Quintet plus the meaning of common jazz terms and the imaginative nature of Jazz improvisation.

Music HistoryChildren are introduced to Jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Gene KruppaThelonius Monk and more through the lyrics and characters in the songs.

Wildlife Education – Children learn about the real life animals that are the characters in the songs – where they live, what they eat and how we can help them thrive.

Teacher’s Guides are provided prior to educational concerts to introduce the material.

Translations:  Narration is available in English, French, Spanish and Japanese. Guest Narrator can be hired from the local community. Lyrics can be sung in French, Spanish or Japanese or blended with English.

1- Picc/Fir (dbi)
1- Flt
1- Ob/Eng Hn (dbl)
1- Cl
1- Bs. Cl
1- Bsn
3- Hns in F

Tpt- 1,2,3
Tbn- 1,2,
Bs Tbn- 1

2- Perc (Includes: sand block, conga, timp, tamb, wind chimes, cowbell, bongos, xyl, flexatone, wood blocks (2), ratchet, slapstick, marimba)

Vla 1
Via 2


Jazz Ensemble: Narrator, Piano, Bass, Drums, Horn, Singer/Guitarist.

All orchestral parts and score.

Each orchestra part includes a complete audio recording of show for player review.