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JumpinJazz Kids March 31th – Sangamon Auditorium, Springfield, IL

JumpinJazz Kids band performs at the children’s album Grammy concert in LA

JumpinJazz Kids, one of five children’s album Grammy nominees, performs a benefit concert for Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, at The Mint in Los Angeles on February 9th.

Watch the JJK band perform on YouTube here: JumpinJazz Kids band performs at the children’s album Grammy concert in LA

Music – The Teacher


We strongly believe in the value of teaching music, whether it be in a mommy-and-me introduction class or formal theory lessons for adolescents. Beyond the skills of reading music and playing an instrument, which are clear and measurable, incorporating music into our children’s education offers so many more benefits which might not be as immediately apparent, but are no less important.


  • Music Helps Develop Language Skills: Two Stanford studies discovered that ‘musical training helps the brain work more efficiently in distinguishing split-second differences between rapidly changing sounds that are essential to processing language.’



  • Music Helps Stimulate Children’s Brain Connections: A study from the University of California found that music trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. Researchers believe that music affects spatial-temporal reasoning (the ability to see part-whole relationships).


  • Music Helps Children Learn Math: Tapping a steady beat may help children learn difficult fraction concepts, according to findings published in the journal, Educational Studies in Mathematics. “Students in the music-based program scored 50 percent higher on a fraction test, taken at the end of the study, compared to students in the regular math class.”



  • “Music performance teaches young people to conquer fear and to take risks. A little anxiety is a good thing, and something that will occur often in life. Dealing with it early and often makes it less of a problem later. Risk-taking is essential if a child is to fully develop his or her potential. “



Add that to the ways that music helps children to listen, remember, interact with one another, and have FUN, and it is pretty clear that we not only teach music, but music teaches us!







The Importance of Music for Children, by Jackie Silberg

Changing Perceptions

All music is folk music; I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song” – Louis Armstrong

One of the challenges that “JumpinJazz Kids” faces is the stigma of jazz being somehow esoteric, or too complicated for everyone to enjoy. Jazz easily gets classified as music with too much dissonance, not enough melody, too many complexities & indulgences, not enough purpose and brevity. And even though it is as American as baseball and apple pie, jazz is embraced more widely in other countries, from Japan to France.

We believe that jazz, as an inaccessible art form is an error. We believe that jazz – like any genre- is diverse, with something for everyone. Are you into jam bands? Check out the improv of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie! Into metal?  Buddy Rich’s power and speed on the drums might surprise you. Love melodic songwriters? Try Miles Davis’ ‘Kind of Blue’, or any of Duke Ellington’s classics. If you enjoy pop, from Taylor Swift to Celine Dion, grab an Ella Fitzgerald record and savor her masterful vocals.

Jazz encompasses beautiful melodies, skillful songwriting, first-rate musicianship, and every artist pouring their soul into the music. To us, that is what jazz is all about. If you think you don’t like jazz, you probably just haven’t found the artist that resonates with you – yet. Just as you’d be remiss to write off pop music simply because you don’t like Katy Perry, you can find a lot to love about jazz once you approach it without any preconceived notions. Enjoy!


Audio Samples

Hubert Hummingbird
(feat. Al Jarreau)

Narration—I’m Bored
(feat. James Murray)

Do the Monkey Swing
(feat. Al Jarreau)

This Elephant’s Gerald
(feat. Dee Dee Bridgewater)

(feat. James Murray)

Welcome to the Shake
(feat. Chris Daniels)

Doin’ the Jazz Joint Jump
(feat. Todd Buffa)

The Music

Lonliest Monkey

Welcome to the Shake

Hubert Hummingbird

Do The Monkey Swing

Doin’ The Jazz Joint Jump

This Elephant’s Gerald

Her Name is Little Growl