Parents (and Grandparents!)

Welcome to the fun and imaginative world of “JumpinJazz Kids” where our number one goal is for kids (and families!) to say “Imagination Is Me!

The foundation for “Imagination Is Me!” is built on Music, Movement, Minds and of course, iMagination!

“JumpinJazz Kids – A Swinging Jungle Tale” asks kids and families to be “active” listeners, where they can learn about the great music heritage of Jazz, dance and role play like their favorite animals in the songs, build literacy by reading the story together and participate in activities that require their imagination and a creative approach to problem solving. Our main goal is to have children experience that creative, “aha” moment, when ideas are born and to build self-esteem and confidence by sharing them with others.


“JumpinJazz Kids” features fun yet finely crafted jazz/pop songs with catchy, sing-a-long choruses. Performed by world-class musicians including Jazz legends Al Jarreau, Hubert Laws and Dee Dee Bridgewater, the production values are set at the highest possible standard with the greatest respect to audiences of all ages to satisfy everyone from the smallest child to the music aficionado. It’s real singers, a real jazz quintet and real symphonic instruments – no artificial ingredients added! Children get to hear the “real thing” so they can understand and appreciate the rich textures and sounds created by “live” instruments as compared to synthesized ones. All the songs have tremendous educational value as they pay tribute lyrically to many famous jazz artists or demonstrate a popular musical device that’s used in pop/jazz songs. The songs also reference specific animals in the wild and their habitats and kids can learn about where they live and what we can do to help them.


We strongly agree with the idea that an “active child is a healthy child”. To support this concept in a fun, energetic way, each “JumpinJazz Kids ” song has a corresponding dance movement and animal role play taken directly from the song lyric that kids (and grownups!) can learn, dance along and act out like the animal. We invite grownups to participate in these activities to help set a family dynamic that supports fun, energetic and imaginative learning. And of course, kids are encouraged to create their own dance movements and animal actions. Roaaaarrrrrrrrr!


Einstein’s famous quote sums up our feeling about reading and parents reading to their children – “If you want your kids to be brilliant, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be geniuses, read them more fairy tales.”

Numerous studies have shown a strong, positive connection between children doing well in school and life in general when parents read aloud to them. From building early listening skills to strong vocabulary to memory to learning information about the world around them and more, reading aloud with children creates quality communication between parents, children and other family members and inspires imagination and creativity. We encourage reading all types of age appropriate stories to your child to help build these skills and reading “A Swinging Jungle Tale” out loud and acting out the parts will enrich this experience even more! Have Fun!

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The entire premise of “A Swinging Jungle Tale” is based upon the power of our main character Claire’s imagination, as she says in one of the songs, “Imagination Is the Key”. With that in mind, all of the lyrics in the songs have a very “visual” element to them and as you listen along, Claire and her friends make comments about what’s happening as if you where standing right there with them. This visual “journey” is a fundamental piece of the imagination process and we invite our listeners to follow Claire’s path and take it one step further – create a “journey’ of their own. Children can use the karaoke narration track on the kids page and create their own adventure, meet new friends and discover different worlds outside of there own. They can also participate in other “Imagination Is Me!” activities where kids can do things with Claire like drawing what they think the characters look like or baking a favorite recipe in Claire’s Kitchen –  the key ingredient always being their imagination and us asking “What does it look to you?” or “That’s Claire story. What’s your story?”



Audio Samples

Hubert Hummingbird
(feat. Al Jarreau)

Narration—I’m Bored
(feat. James Murray)

Do the Monkey Swing
(feat. Al Jarreau)

This Elephant’s Gerald
(feat. Dee Dee Bridgewater)

(feat. James Murray)

Welcome to the Shake
(feat. Chris Daniels)

Doin’ the Jazz Joint Jump
(feat. Todd Buffa)

The Music

Lonliest Monkey

Welcome to the Shake

Hubert Hummingbird

Do The Monkey Swing

Doin’ The Jazz Joint Jump

This Elephant’s Gerald

Her Name is Little Growl