The Art

Sketches: Claire Comes to Life

Although the key ingredient to making “ A Swinging Jungle Tale” come to life is the listener’s imagination, we needed an artist to render the original image of Claire, her friends and the “Jungle” so we’d have a place to start. Steve recently completed an incredible Symphony arrangement of Claude Bolling’s “ Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio” and had contacted the original artist/illustrator, Roger Huyssen, to do his updated CD cover. Roger has done scores of iconic artwork that we’re all familiar with from numerous Time magazine covers to Elmo to Miss Piggy to the original “Boston” album cover and much more.

Roger loved Claire’s imaginative tale and started to sketch. Steve wondered what it would look like if we morphed the Symphony instruments used in ‘A Swinging Jungle Tale” into some of the animals that Claire would meet along her journey. Roger liked the idea and quickly sent back these rough sketches …

The Scene

Since the whole idea of the production is based on Claire’s imagination, I wanted a front cover for the CD/book that had her “imagining the possibilities” and then a back cover where those thoughts had become “real.” Roger created these magical scenes –

The Music

Lonliest Monkey

Welcome to the Shake

Hubert Hummingbird

Do The Monkey Swing

Doin’ The Jazz Joint Jump

This Elephant’s Gerald

Her Name is Little Growl