This Elephant’s Gerald

Click below to listen to a short sample of the fabulous Grammy winning Dee Dee Bridgewater singing “This Elephant’s Gerald”


Like the title suggests, the first song in the production, “This Elephant Gerald”, is a tribute to the “First Lady of Song” herself, Ella Fitzgerald. She was known for her pure singing tone, inventive phrasing, impeccable sense of pitch and “scat” singing style where she would often mimic the sound of a horn or other instruments with her voice. ”Ever since she was a baby, she was boppin’ with the bees, Scatin’ with the Cat’s, just a Tisket or a Tat” . . . making reference to her “scat” singing ability and her hit song “A Tisket, A Tasket”.

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Lonliest Monkey

Welcome to the Shake

Hubert Hummingbird

Do The Monkey Swing

Doin’ The Jazz Joint Jump

This Elephant’s Gerald

Her Name is Little Growl